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Our program is designed to meet the needs of each

child as an individual and as a group member. 

By encouraging self-expression within a framework

of standards for self-control, children develop an

individual sense of competence as well as an attitude

of respect for others.  Our living and learning

environment provides opportunity for successful

development socially, emotionally, physically and


Learning Centers

At Happy Hours, the work and play spaces encourage young children to learn and grow through hands-on discovery.  Each room is designed to address specific developmental goals including large and fine motor growth, visual perception, language and cognition, creative expression and socialization.  The Preschool Teams plan the curriculum together and alternate the use of the learning centers so that every child has the opportunity to us all of the rooms.  Utilizing our space this way allows us to develop large and interesting learning centers which effectively address the unique needs of all our young learners.  Children discover their own potential and become competent when given opportunities which involve choice and responsibility.  The work and play environment at Happy Hours is low key and non-pressured.


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"I am so happy to recommend Happy Hours to any parents looking for a place for their little one!  Both of my children were lucky enough to benefit from the love, care and attention to their developing skills provided by the staff at Happy Hours.  I could not be more satisfied with both their experiences at the school  My son was always more outgoing and extroverted while my daughter was more on the shy side.  They both thrived at Happy Hours in terms of being recognized for who they are, having their individual strengths enhanced and always encouraged to grow out of their challenges.  I could not recommend the school and staff more highly."   Amna S.

"Both of my children attended Happy Hours from the age of 2.9 until they went to kindergarten.  I cannot say enough wonderful things about Happy Hours!  It was such a great place and, in my opinion, the only great choice for care/preschool in the area.  The teachers are absolutely wonderful!  There is plenty of structure but the children also have lots of free play and hand on learning.  My kids learned so much and also gained a lot of socialization skills!  I went to work each day knowing that my children were safe, happy and learning while at Happy Hours!"  Sara R.

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